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A Passion for Cats-My Writing Process

Abby:  A Passion for Cats-My Writing Process


Meg Dendler,
Meg Dendler and I share a passion for cats, and recently exchanged guest posts at each other’s’ blogs.  Her story, Buddy’s Tale, brought tears to my eyes.  

I reciprocated with Abby’s Secret Identity. Getting to know Meg has been a joy and I’m truly privileged to have such a dynamic lady for a colleague.

When Meg, at honored me with her invitation to participate in The Writing Process Blog Hop, I gladly accepted. 

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading her books, Why Kimba Saved the World and Vacation Hiro.  Her kitties are delightful and her books have wide appeal.  I can’t wait for her newest release, based on her feline pet “Buddy”; it’s coming out soon!

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What am I working on?

After months of analysis, it became glaringly apparent my original author website would not be viable or successful for the long-term.  I spent the holidays and winter months breaking out the three major topics that had business potential.  

Gluten-free recipes and road trips now have their own websites, and, and I re-branded my original author website,  As of this date, I’m still in the middle of reworking articles and moving them to their respective new homes.

During this process I've fulfilled several guest post invitations, infused all my websites with some new material, and started working on my next book in the Road Trip Photo Adventure Series, which I hope to have published in eBook and paperback before the end of the year. 

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How does my work differ from others in the genre(s)?

I love this question!  The answer is simple.  

All the topics I write about are things I love and enjoy, or are a significant part of my life.  Sharing them from my unique experience, expertise, and perspective is a pleasure.  If what I write can make the world a better place for even one person in some way, then I've accomplished what I’m all about.

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Why do I write about cats and the things I love?

A short time ago, I faced the vast unknown.  One moment I was fine, working at a full-time job I loved, completing studies to advance my career, and caring for my family.  

Before the day was out, I was dying from complications of a killer flu.  I danced with death for over a year.  

Life as I had known it had changed forever.  

Unable to resume my career or previous lifestyle, I was lost on the trail for the first time in my life.  Facing this vast unknown was a risky challenge.  My reality was each day might be my last.  

Life is terribly and wonderfully precious. . . 

. . . and I held on tight to that determined spirit “to live the adventure”, and the desire to make my life beautiful.

Following that major life altering illness, my husband suggested I take up writing again.  I dusted off that dream after having shelved it for decades while getting on with the business of nurturing family life.  

So, I dove in.  I asked myself, “If others can do it, why can’t I?”

My gifts to share were the things that made my life an adventure.  I threw in my penchant for cats, and thought I might help others by sharing some gluten-free recipes I developed over the years.

By doing something every day to achieve my dream, persevering through learning curves, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and disregarding naysayers . . . . I’m accomplishing what I set out to do.

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How does my writing process work?

Never have I been one of those people who can run off at the fingers. Instead, I let the topic soak into my brain.  I tend to mull it over while doing daily chores, jotting down keywords, phrases and ideas, and I sleep on the subject for a couple of nights, sometimes more . . . 

. . . until the idea gels and takes form.  

Think of my writing process as collecting puzzle pieces and then sorting them into some kind of order that makes sense.   

I don’t always know where to start.  It’s never at the beginning.  I start at the place where the “puzzle pieces” fit together; they begin to take on form,  and then I work out from there.  I might work on several parts at the same time, a little here, a little there.  

At some point, everything starts to fall into place, a whole picture emerges, albeit a little rough around the edges.  

That’s when the beginning jumps out at me, and I start working there, and reworking it, blending, smoothing, refining, until the puzzle is no longer just a bunch of funny shaped pieces put together, but a painting depicting the vision I have in my head.

Who’s on next week?

James Lynch Jr.,
James Lynch Jr. “If something you read changes your life, it becomes your reality.”  The author of the Product of Culture Trilogy, James is also an Information Technology Professional and Consultant.  As a minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses, James generously shares the Holy Bible’s valid hope to men and women of all cultures.  Visit James at  You can find James on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Robyn Jones,
Robyn Jones is the mom of two hardcore boys, and writer and reader of all things vampy, trampy and campy.  You’ll enjoy her upbeat blog at  Connecting with Robyn is easy and fun.  You’ll find her at Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Nadine Tomlinson,
Nadine Tomlinson is a writer from Jamaica, working on her first book.  Don't miss her blog at  A lover of books and bookish things, she's also Mum to two extraordinary eight-year-old Shih-Tzu-Poodles, and an avid tennis fan.  Find Nadine at Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

I love you hear from you!


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  1. I really enjoyed this post, Cat. Your life journey is inspiring. I'm happy that something great emerged from that difficult experience.

    I can relate to your writing process, and love that your writing genre or perspective stems from your passions. Here's to your success in every endeavour! ~ N

    1. I’m deeply touched by your kind comment, and your encouragement, Nadine. I am privileged to have the opportunity to get acquainted with you and hope we can work together again in the near future. Your “Pawsitive Catitude” is inspiring!

    2. Thank you, Cat. I would be honoured to work with you. :-)

  2. This is wonderful, Cat! I'm amazed at your strength and spirit. It blows my mind how healing those put aside dreams can be. I'm one of those people who jump right in, but I sometimes wish I was more of a thinking and planner. Thank you for thinking of me for this neat author feature. I hope you have a grand week, Cat. Happy adventuring!

    1. You are truly delightful, Robyn! I love your lively spontaneity and enthusiasm. Don’t ever change! I hope we can work together again, soon

  3. Cat, I know I am not the only one who is happy you are still around to share your many talents with us. The things you love to do and share allows all of us to enjoy this beautiful creation, called earth. Thanks for being so generous.

    1. I’m purring now, James! It does my heart good to know there are other beautiful souls, like you, who get it, and who are dedicated to do what I call, “working in the trenches” . . . that is, shining the “Light” for all men to see no matter what the cost.