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Updated September 24, 2016

The Cat’s Stories Blog is a summary about all the newest or updated Web pages on

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What's New!

Oct 21, 2016

Hobo Cat or Super Tramp?

I was a hobo cat, a super tramp, of sorts, but everyone has to grow up sometime. In my case, I was thrust out into this mean old world way too young and on my own.

Continue reading "Hobo Cat or Super Tramp?"

Oct 18, 2016

What to do if Your Fussy Cat Stops Eating

Sometimes a fussy cat stops eating . . . that’s when you need to know how to get a fussy cat to eat!

Continue reading "What to do if Your Fussy Cat Stops Eating"

Oct 10, 2016

Noah the Refugee

Many years ago, some neighbors of ours decided to relocate in a hurry. Among other things, they left their small kitten behind without making any arrangements

Continue reading "Noah the Refugee"

Oct 05, 2016

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Could Solve Your Cat Hair Problems for Good

With a robot vacuum cleaner, you could be saying goodbye to your cat hair problems for good! Take a look at this article to see just how fantastic it is . . .

Continue reading "The Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Could Solve Your Cat Hair Problems for Good "

Oct 05, 2016

Are You a Tech Cat?

Are you a tech cat? If you answered, “Yes”, then this is the webpage for you!

Continue reading "Are You a Tech Cat?"

Oct 03, 2016

Rescue Cat Gives Back to Cat Rescue Shelters

Cat rescue shelters make you wish you had a big enough house for 100 cats! All those sad eyes looking at you . . . which cat will you choose when you can only pick one?

Continue reading "Rescue Cat Gives Back to Cat Rescue Shelters"

Sep 30, 2016

72 Cat Movie Favorites for Feline Fanciers

Watching a great cat movie is something all feline fanciers relish. Cats make movies unforgettable!

Continue reading "72 Cat Movie Favorites for Feline Fanciers"

Sep 27, 2016

Elvis the Cat Pays Own Vet Bill . . . and More

It is the rare animal, indeed, who truthfully can say that s/he has made a significant financial contribution to the household operation. This is a story about Elvis the cat, who did.

Continue reading "Elvis the Cat Pays Own Vet Bill . . . and More"

Sep 06, 2016

40+ Cat Apps You Need to Know About

Feed your feline obsession with these cat apps! From simple to loaded-with-all-the-bells-and-whistles, there’s an app for everyone.

Continue reading "40+ Cat Apps You Need to Know About"

Jul 23, 2016

. . . Says Cat Great Entrepreneurs are Leaping at Trafeze!

Says Cat great entrepreneurs have an ‘interesting conundrum, sooner or later . . .

Continue reading ". . . Says Cat Great Entrepreneurs are Leaping at Trafeze!"

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