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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #010 -- Cats Christmas Celebration!
December 08, 2015

Cats Christmas Celebration!

The winter season is a grand time for all kinds of holiday celebrations. For Dodger and Abby, it’s all about Christmas!

We start early.

By Thanksgiving Day, we have our entire Christmas gift shopping done. By the way, if you’re stumped for purrfect gift ideas choose a Cat Lovers Gift Basket or select some cat books with great stories.

Instead of wading through mobs of Black Friday shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving, I spend the day baking holiday treats. It’s fun to decorate a batch of Black Cat Cookies with red and green cookie icing and holiday sprinkles.

Then, when the weather breaks, we rush outside to hang Christmas lights on the house. Dodger sits in the grass directing where every light must go while Abby, warm and cozy inside the house, watches out the window. We must be quite entertaining to her!

Last year we purchased LED lights; we’re so glad we did as now we can leave them on as long as we wish to spread the holiday spirit. Every night, Abby reminds me it’s time to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights, and Dodger is outside near the front porch waiting to see that I do before he comes in for his bedtime snack. Since he’s older, he beds down in the house for the night during cold and inclement weather.

Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree. I love the glittering lights and all the special ornaments we’ve made and collected through the years . . . so many wonderful memories come to mind as we hang each ornament on the tree. Abby circles the tree with each layer of decoration we apply.

When we’re done, she gives her approval. This year, I have yet to receive her approval because the red tree skirt is still packed away. But that hasn’t stopped her from playing with the tree every night while we are fast asleep. She thinks she’s being sneaky and getting away with mischief, but she leaves a trail of ornaments beneath the tree. Last night, it was candy canes!

Dodger won’t have much to do with the Christmas tree until we pack presents beneath it. Then, he will make a nest in some hidden nook and cranny and hibernate until December 25th.

Yes, the winter holiday season is closing in fast!

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