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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #007 -- Forest Cat
July 28, 2015

Forest Cat

Dodger is a forest cat, nesting in an umbrella of ferns beneath a cedar canopy and surviving on wild catch.

Part of patrolling the boundaries of his kingdom is stalking and flushing out intruders.

Abby depends on him to keep the forest safe so she can venture outside for a frolicking good time without worrying.

Sometimes, Dodger gives permission to squatters. Usually that works out okay with his subjects, but this time he went too far.

When wild bumps up against domesticated tame . . .

. . . things happen!

Find out more below.

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"Warning bells clanged off in my head . . . and it wasn’t Dodger! I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in broad daylight, that pesky raccoon emerged . . . "

Raccoons and Cats--Abby's Cat Diary YouTube Video

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