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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #017 -- Halloween Cat
October 20, 2016

Halloween Cat

Dear Friends,

When we think of a Halloween Cat, it’s a sleek black cat with mesmerizing emerald eyes that comes to mind.

Centuries of cat and human history color what has become “Halloween” and the “black cat” we know of today. Culture, religion, and pagan beliefs and rituals also paint a picture of Halloween Cat.

The image is powerful and persuasive. So is the stigma . . .

. . . and the much maligned black cat suffers for it.

At, we’re changing that bad catitude!

Join us this Halloween as we, “Celebrate the Power of Pawsitive Catitude”.

Dodger's Best Kept Secrets

A black cat named, Dodger, is the inspiration for He was a “Thanksgiving Cat”, and blessed the lives of our family and his neighborhood for many years.

That’s a positive testament to how wonderful black cats really are!

So, this Halloween, make a life altering change for the better.

Become a black cat advocate.

When you adopt, foster or rescue, focus your efforts on the least of the domesticated feline species, the black cat.

Ignorance begets superstition. Instead of perpetuating the “Halloween Cat” myth, educate others about the history, culture and religions that hold black cats in high esteem.

Be conscious of how you display and portray black cats during Halloween. Make your holiday a celebration not of darkness, but of light and life . . . your black cat's life.

For Halloween at, we think nice and sweet!

Autumn has always been one of Dodger’s favorite seasons and during Halloween the fall colors are at their best. This is when Dodger sported his favorite costume known as, “Catouflage” . . . nice!

Black Cat Cookies

Then, we bake a batch of cute Black Cat cookies and indulge in something catliciously. . . sweet!

Get creative and think outside the box. Together, we can change the pervading “Halloween Cat” stigma!

It’s Trick or Treat Time!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we’re hosting a “Trick or Treat Giveaway”!

Oliver, the Cat Who Save Christmas

We’re giving away a hard copy of the NEW release book, Oliver, the Cat Who Save Christmas—the Tale of a Little Cat with a Big Heart, by Sheila Norton, to the first 3 subscribers to Cat's Stories Newsletter, who Contact Me and request this featured “treat”. Winners will receive their book prize, shipped directly from the publisher, St. Martin's Press.

*see “Trick or Treat Giveaway” Official Rules

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