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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #013 -- Litter Boxes
April 04, 2016

Cat Behavior Problems and Litter Boxes

Dear Friends,

Cat behavior problems and litter boxes seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, kitty elimination in places other than the litter box is a tragic problem, leading to the most common reason cats are abandoned by their families to shelters where they are deemed not adoptable and are euthanized.

“Wetting your pants” is not a crime, nor is it one deserving capital punishment!

Yet, this is the travesty cats face when they potty outside their litter boxes.

Punishment of any kind is no remedy for a communication misunderstanding or misinterpretation by humans of feline behavior.

Pottying outside a litter box is not misbehavior, but an expression by the cat that something has rocked their world in a big way and they are extremely stressed, overcome by unbearable anxiety and are very insecure.

It is their CRY FOR HELP!

As their cat guardians we are privileged with the responsibility to help our furry loved ones through their trying times, but first we must understand their behavior and what they are trying to tell us.

There’s no better place to start than by understanding how cats see the world and how cats communicate with their “cat guardians”. Then, get ready to do a thorough investigation.

In most cases once you’ve isolated the cat litter box problem you can implement the appropriate solution and make your cat, and family household, happy again!

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Cat McMahon

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