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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #015 -- Obituary—In Memory of Cats We Love
July 05, 2016

Obituary—In Memory of Cats We Love

In Loving Memory of


King of the Great Outdoors

June 23, 2016

Dear Friends,

It is with greatest sorrow I announce the passing of our Dodger kitty. For the last year and a half Dodger had been wasting away following an injurious cat fight one hot night in September 2015. He disappeared into the brushy wild to nurse a wound.

We found him a couple of days later, after much searching, barely conscious, his head and throat very swollen, feverish, starving and dehydrated. We rushed him to a special pet hospital an hour away, where he was immediately whisked into emergency surgery.

At the time, Dodger recovered quickly from his ordeal, but he never regained the weight he had lost or his previous vigor.

In spite of our constant vigilance and the best veterinary care possible, Dodger slowly wasted away. This last spring, what we thought was his seasonal asthma response to high pollen counts, turned into a disturbing cough and gagging. His appetite disappeared, because it was too hard to eat and he’d moved indoors to live.

After two rounds of antibiotics to clear up what was thought to be a general infection turned in something more. Our veterinarian thought the stubborn infection might be due to some bad teeth.

While Dodger was under anesthesia for a teeth cleaning, our veterinarian discovered a terribly infected tonsil. Inside the fiery swollen organ were trapped a couple of green grass blades and a dozen or so grass seeds. The grass seeds had microscopic barbs which embedded them in the tissue much like foxtail seeds do under animal skin, further irritating Dodger’s condition.

Our veterinarian did a remarkable surgery and his tonsil and throat healed up beautifully, but Dodger never rallied. For the next two weeks, a team of veterinarians did all they could to help him get better.

Dodger failed to thrive, fading away day by day. On June 23, 2016, he peacefully crossed into eternal life where he happily roams a heavenly wilderness.

I miss him greatly . . . my heart and soul are aggrieved.

When beloved kitties cross over to eternal life, it is more important than ever to celebrate the preciousness of life; to remember the touching moments and the good times shared together.

A wonderful way to do this is to memorialize your cherished cat. It’s a beautiful thing to preserve the unique essence of your exceptional kitty and to honor its living spirit.

Join others who have suffered cat loss and receive their consolation, support and reassurance as you walk through grief . . . you are not alone and cat people love sending purrs of comfort and healing.

Make a beautiful virtual memorial at on a free webpage dedicated to your cat only. Family and friends can light candles and leave their condolences.

It is there you will find my tribute to Dodger. It is there you will find other memorials of some very special cats.

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Cat McMahon

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