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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #012 -- Top Cat
February 23, 2016

Top Cat

Dear Friends,

Top Cat has always been one of my favorite cat comics. He’s an alley cat with catitude! That Cheshire Cat smile of his could charm any fun-loving feline feminine fatale with a penchant for rogues. Yes, he’s a two-bit swindler after a fast buck, but you’ve got to admit he’s does it with flare.

Though the Top Cat animated televisions series aired for a short time, 1961-1962, Top Cat, himself, became a timeless sensation, making guest appearances in many other television shows and movies through the decades.

Top Cat has his own comic books series, and is featured in several books, such as, The Hanna-Barbera Guide to Life: Cool Tips for Top Cats. He even made appearances on several vintage View-Master reels and his music endures. Though his digs are based in a New York City alley, Top Cat has garnered a global audience with movies about him produced even as late as 2011.

We know cats have universal appeal . . . so does Top Cat!

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Cat McMahon

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