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Cat Stories Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Winter Cat Care Tips
January 16, 2015

Winter Cat Care Tips

Winter Landscape image courtesy

Pass along these winter cat care tips to your friends and family who might be unaware of the potential dangers to their pets.

While winter is a wonderful season, sometimes our feline friends need a little extra help to remain safe, warm and healthy during harsh weather.

I love the winter, because it means Abby, Dodger and I get to cuddle up together near a warm fire while I pound out stories and articles on the keyboard of my red laptop.

Their purring love warms my heart, not to mention my body, and gives me the diversion I need when I become too focused and lose all track of time.

Still, ever present threats to our cats’ wellness and survival prevail during the coldest season of the year.

There are some things we can do to prevent unfortunate happenings during this time.

Bring outdoor cats inside, especially on freezing nights and during icy winter storms.

If your outdoor cat refuses to come inside, provide a shelter from the cold and inclement winter weather.

Consider adding a protective feeding station. Make sure there’s plenty of food and clean, fresh water that doesn’t freeze.

Before you start your car, check for cats huddling in isolated places such as under the car, and on top of tires behind the fenders. Bang on the hood, toot your horn, or lift the hood and check for cats who might be seeking warmth in the engine compartment.

Don’t leave your cat locked in a parked car. The car will act like a refrigerator, and pets can freeze to death.

Be careful of spilling antifreeze coolant on the ground; it is a tortuous, deadly poison to all living creatures. Unfortunately, the scent and taste attract pets and wildlife, so be sure to safely clean up any spills or residue.

Always towel dry your cat when it comes inside from the winter weather. Use this moment to check for residue from ice melting compounds and contaminated salts. You don’t want your cats to ingest these harmful chemicals when they next clean themselves.

Keep your cats warm. Give them a heated sleeping pad or an enclosed soft shell.

Sunbathing is important to your cats’ health and well-being. Make sure your indoor cats have access to a window or room where the sun casts its rays across the carpet.

Better yet, join your cat in some quality time; soaking up those wonderful rays is good for you, too!

Cat Lover’s Showcase

Self Portrait of Vanessa Morgan

Author and blogger, Vanessa Morgan, shared her winter cat adoption story with us in “ Romero ”. Those two are a match made in heaven!

As a fellow traveler and cat lover, I’ve been following Vanessa’s travel tales and kitty photos at Traveling Cats for some time now.

We connect on an “adventure” level . . . throw in a little “catitude” . . .

. . . well, let me just say there’s plenty of kitty antics to be had around the globe!

Did I mention Vanessa's also a talented artist?

What’s New!

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Finding reliable cat health information can be difficult. Knowing how to care for your kitty goes a long way to helping your furry loved one live a long, healthy life.

Feline Feature

Help the feral cats in your neighborhood. Provide them with a safe, warm shelter from harsh winter weather. Caring for others, even our furry neighbors, is an admirable virtue. Consider making this a family project. Here is an instructional video you might find helpful:

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Cat’s Are Smart!

Enjoy and share fun cat trivia

Did you know there is a cat breed named after winter?

The Snowshoe is a very affectionate, loving cat. This breed’s markings are beautiful, and its origin is interesting.

Grumpy Cat ”, whose persona seems to be the antithesis for the whole breed, is a Snowshoe cat.

Meow, Meow

Cats Meow image courtesy

"Cats don’t seem synonymous with snow storms until you see yours sitting against the windowsill on a late afternoon winter day." Christmas Quotes about Cats

“Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance.” Harry Lorayne

Feline Fun!

Snow Kitty Jigsaw Puzzle

Sneak Peek!

Little tidbits to pique your curiosity about what is coming soon to

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