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A Cry from the River Bank Sent to Me by God

by Kris Kerr
(Fredericton NB Canada)



Kris and River

I had been without a cat for 6 or 7 years as my husband actually hated cats.

I really missed having a fur ball around but was sure I was never going to have one again.

Then a series of things happened.

We had been canoeing and half way home we had to pull off the river, because a thunderstorm had made it too hard to continue. We waited it out for an hour and soaked; we got back in the river and headed home.

About an hour later we heard an awful screeching sound from the bank and unsure of what it was, but also knowing it was alive and maybe injured, we rowed toward the bank. We heard a splash and saw something small swimming toward us.

We fished it out on our paddle only to find a very tiny kitten.

It was shivering, afraid and very hungry. It ate everything we had and we wrapped it up and kept it warm until we got off the river.

Now what? Will my husband let me keep this animal that was a survivor? I had already rushed home and made up a place for it borrowing litter and food.

Now, the two things that happened exactly one week apart, two weeks before the canoe trip were not coincidences as far as I am concerned.
Two weeks previous was my husband's 50th birthday and the boys at his work got him a cake. They all knew of his dislike for cats so they put a toy kitten on his cake. He, of course bit kidded, but he brought the kitten home for me.

One week previous my mother, who talks to God all the time, was looking at a kitten on her burner cover and asked that God allow my husband to let me have a cat.

So, now I have this beautiful stray that was aged at 5 weeks old by the vet (I was not giving this kitten up with threat of divorce) and was a female calico.

I still get chills as I recall the kitten on my husband's cake was a calico. The kitten my mother was looking at when she asked God to let my husband allow me to have a cat was a calico.

This tiny kitten that jumped into a river to save herself was a gift from God.

Her name is River.

My husband loves her as much as I do.

She has found my husband's wedding ring that was lost for several months and a gold pendant I had thought was gone forever.

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May 31, 2018

by: Cat

Hi Kris,

I'm not sure who rescued who in your poignant story about how River came into your life! She is a blessing and that your husband fell in love with her, is assurance she has a special purpose.

Thank you so much for sharing about River.

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