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Updated May 24, 2018.

"Every morning I pinch myself to be sure I am really living in this wonderful place, that I'm not dreaming . . . it is a dream . . . a real life dream come true!"

About--Cat McMahon

About Cat McMahon

Dodger, Cat McMahon's cat, is the inspiration for  When she's not in the kitchen cooking up mouthwatering recipes for, she's on the road photographing nature’s amazing wonders for

Author of the Road Trip Explore! series, Cat McMahon is a wordsmith who enjoys outdoor discovery, culinary explorations, her cats and making memories with her family.

Cat McMahon lives with her family in a craggy wilderness off the slopes of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

How it Began

"As a child we didn't have many pets.  I remember a puppy and a kitten, neither of whom lasted more than a week or two . . . and I have no idea what happened to them.

But something happened to me . . . 

. . . I fell in love with cats!

Later, when I and my siblings were a bit older, we adopted a pretty Dutch bunny.  Not long after that, we adopted a beautiful soft white bunny, a companion for our Dutch bunny.

We were big on love and short on knowledge about rabbits in those days.  It wasn’t long before we had lots of cute little kits running around. That’s when we discovered we had a mating pair; we originally thought we had two females!

Yet, none of these “family” pets were mine.

I married a cat loving spouse; it was love at first sight, forever.  A few weeks after settling into our new apartment, I brought home, Nutmeg, a sassy Seal Point Siamese.  She was delightful!  But, she had a wanderlust we couldn’t reign in.  When she didn’t come home one night, I knew the worst had happened.  She’d wandered too far, and was killed while crossing a busy road.

Our children grew up with a Tortie nanny cat, named Molly, who lived to be 17 years old, a Burmese guard cat, named Sam who, as an old man, left one night never to come home again, and a sickly Blue Point cat, named Dusty, who despite vaccinations, died of feline leukemia later in life.

A couple of other cats quickly came and went, as cats sometimes do.

Then, Dodger was dumped in our back yard.  You can read his cat rescue story, Dodger-A Black Cat Story.

When Dodger was about 10 years old, he got terribly sick during the holiday season.  I remember taking care of him.  

One afternoon, I was comforting him in my arms and he sneezed in my face as I was breathing in . . .

. . . It took Dodger two years to heal, but he’s lived with kitty asthma ever since.  

I, on the other hand, was left . . .

. . . Facing the Vast Unknown

Facing the Vast Unknown

One moment I was fine, working at a full-time job I loved, completing studies to advance my career and caring for my family.

Before the day was out, I was dying from complications of a killer flu.  I danced with death for over a year.

Life as I had known it had changed forever.

Unable to resume my career or previous lifestyle, I was lost on the trail for the first time in my life.

Facing this vast unknown was a risky challenge.  My reality was each day might be my last.

Life is terribly and wonderfully precious . . . 

. . . and I held on tight to that determined spirit to live with “Pawsitive Catitude”, and to the desire to make life beautiful.

During this time, my husband decided since I had a kitty, Dodger, he needed a special kitty of his own. We answered a Craig’s List plea for cats needing rescue from a home with over 100 cats, which had been closed by the county.

That’s when our fun-loving Tortoiseshell kitten named, Abby, joined our family.  She bonded with us immediately.  But, like me, she was fighting for her life.  Together, she and I curled up and convalesced.  Eventually she chose to become a nurse kitty who wishes nothing more than to make us happy . . she lives to play.

Dreams Do Come True!


In my lifetime I’ve been very blessed to experience the reality of “dreams come true” several times, one of which is

Following the major life altering illness, my husband suggested I take up writing again.  I dusted off that dream after having shelved it for decades while getting on with the business of nurturing family life.

So, I dove in.  I asked myself, “If other can do it, why can’t I?”  My gift to share was adventure,  I threw in my penchant for cats,, and thought I might help others by sharing about some gluten-free recipes I developed over the years,

By doing something every day to achieve my dreams, persevering through learning curves, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and disregarding naysayers . . . 

. . . In a year’s time I published a website and a YouTube channel; created business and marketing plans; drafted two book manuscripts, completed research for two more, and published two eBooks. Before the end of that year, I published those books in paperback, and created and marketed a calendar featuring my photography.

To my surprise, I have a worldwide audience and my books have been purchased from folks in countries all across the earth."

Celebrate the Power of . . . "Pawsitive Catitude"!

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Cat McMahon

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