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Top Books about Cats--Adult Fiction

Updated May 24, 2018.

Among the most enjoyable of reads are adult fiction cat stories. Kitty books rated high on my reading list way back in the day. Sharing them with my children as they grew was a reminiscent pleasure, one we indulged in nightly.  

To this day, I still enjoy picking up good books about cats, grown-up stories.  

You know the ones I mean, those spine-tingling tails of intrigue that make cats puff up and hiss; the thrilling mysteries that stimulate the feline intellect and the psychedelic fantasies of cat imaginings.

What is Your Favorite Adult Fiction Book about Cats?

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There’s a certain something about cat characters.  They exhibit resourcefulness like no human can. Their inventiveness and creativity are magical; they conjure up incredible things.  

In your mind’s eye you can almost see . . . you know it’s there, but you can’t quite touch it the way a cat can, yet it’s so real . . . 

. . . or is it?  

The magnetism of feline illusion fascinates readers.  Mesmerized, they’re lured in and held captive inside a strange world of curiosities . . . nine lives, cat cults and spellbinding phenomena.

Enthralled you pull well-worn favorite books about cats from the shelf; cat stories like no other.  

Dusting off the book jacket, you seek out a dimly lit corner where you won’t be found.

Your eyes widen in anticipation as you open the cover.  Does your heart skip a beat as you succumb to feline enchantment?  

Turn the page . . . 

. . . suddenly, you’re absorbed, lost in another time, another place . . . 

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