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Cat Books--Cats, Cats and More Cats!

Updated May 24, 2018.

More authors are writing cat books including excellent cat care books, intriguing and imaginative stories for children and adults, poetry, comics, and just about anything you can think of about cats.

Today, we are fortunate the world we live in has achieved a growing “feline awareness”.

We can thank kitty books for helping with this movement.  More people are adopting cats, advocating on behalf of cats, and getting involved in caring for unloved, abandoned and abused cats.  

The power of the written word cannot be underestimated.

Remember how delighted you were when you adopted your first kitty?

DK Ultimate Sticker Book: Kitten


For most of us it’s cat love at first sight.  For others it is book inspired.

There are books about cat interior design, cat cookbooks, cat quotes, cat psychology and behavior; I even found a cat dictionary and a cat encyclopedia!  The list goes on:  cat language, cat science, the medicine of cats, etc.

Have you ever heard of “cat watching”?

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What about books about cat paintings, cat facts, legends and cat lore? Not to mention, cat jokes, how to draw and illustrate cats, cat photography, and just about any handbook you can think of.

Don’t forget the volumes dedicated to raising cats, showing cats, breeding cats, and books about cat breeds.

You might call it a publishing frenzy of . . . cats, cats and more cats!

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Then, there are cat journals, diaries and anthologies, and all the wonderful books about the origins and history of the feline species.

With all the published entertainment and information about cats, it's hard to believe more could ever be written!

We can't forget that cats have nine lives . . . 

. . . that's a lot to write about!

It is with great pleasure I feature a variety of books, and the works of some talented authors who have dedicated so much of themselves to kitty love.

Guide to Cat Books Articles

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My Cat From Hell Turned into a Feline Celebrity  “Avalon is the spawn of Satan. Either you throw your cat out, or I'll throw you out!” my landlord said.  Yet, my cat from hell . . .  

Top Books about Cats-Adult Fiction  Among the most enjoyable of reads are adult fiction books about cats. There’s a certain something about cat characters; the magnetism of feline illusion fascinates readers. 

Top Books about Cats-Children’s Books  Story books about cats are among favorite childhood reads.  Revisiting these old stories is like spending time with a special friend.

Odie--A Children's Picture Book Series  Odie and Bandit are not only picture book heroes' they are real life best friends!  Here are their stories . . . 

Rescue Cat Twice, Now Children's Book Hero: Buddy's Tale  "I think we found your cat." The call came out of the blue.   Buddy had been missing for 18 months.   As unbelievable as it might seem . . . their description of him matched perfectly.  He was only a mile away . . . .

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