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How to Choose the Best Cat Collar for Your Traveling Cat

Updated May 4, 2017.


A cat collar not only serves to identify your cat outside of a pet carrier, it is also one of the best secure restraints for your traveling cat when it is attached to a leash/lead.  The collar and lead prevents your stressed or frightened kitty from bolting unexpectedly, especially in strange surroundings.

Felines are wonderfully intelligent creatures who love their freedom.   Unfortunately, these attributes can unwittingly lead them to trouble, because cats are keen escape artists.

Add a collar or harness with a leash/lead to allow your cat some freedom from containment when traveling.

Part of every cat travel plan must include proper restraint for your cat’s safety and security!

Choosing a Collar


With so many collars on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for your special kitty. Your cat’s collar is more than just a pretty band around its neck; it is an important piece of functional equipment designed for safety and security.

Look for bright colored, reflective collars made for night safety.

Consider a collar with a sound locator bell.

Get an adjustable collar, one composed of sturdy material, such as nylon webbing, that will be comfortable for your cat to wear at all times.

To prevent strangulation should your cat become entangled, purchase a collar with a quick-release safety buckle.  This may or may not be a feature you wish to have when traveling with your cat, but it is an important one for the collar your cat wears when it is at home, especially if your cat roams the great outdoors, like Dodger does.

Check to be sure the collar has a good quality metal loop to which you can attach pet identification tags.

Avoid cat collars made of elastic or with elastic insets as the elastic does not stretch enough to ensure safety.  In fact, collars with elastic pose a danger to cats as their claws, teeth and limbs can become stuck and cause a great deal of harm; outdoors such a situation can lead to permanent injury, even death.

Cat Collar Training


Make it part of pet travel training to always attach the leash/lead to your cat’s collar or harness, before allowing your cat to leave its pet carrier.

For cats who have never worn a collar, this is the first travel training they need to master.  

Start Early

Your cat should be so comfortable wearing a collar with identification tags, that it reminds you something is missing, or isn’t right, when you remove the collar and forget to put it back on.  

Once accustomed, most cats will proudly wear their collar and ID tags.

Just like anything new added to a cat’s life, help your cat acclimatize to wearing its new collar.  

Make wearing the collar or new harness a positive experience, accompanied with lots of treats, play and affection.

Take time to train your cat to walk in stride with you.  Reward expected behavior with lots of treats, play and affection.  

Start Indoors First

When your cat is comfortable wearing the collar and leash/lead, and is walking in stride with you without pulling while indoors, it’s time to graduate to the outdoors.

Stay close to the door and along the foundation of the house.  Your kitty will let you know when it is ready to expand its range, gradually mastering the yard. 

Train your cat to the travel situations you expect to encounter, so your cat can function to the best of its ability in strange places and under difficult circumstances.  

Before long, your cat will leap at the chance for another adventure when you bring out the leash/lead!

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