. . . Says Cat, "Great Entrepreneurs are Leaping at Trafeze!”

Updated May 4, 2017

Work Hard in Silence.  Let Success Be Your Noise.

Says, Cat, “Great entrepreneurs have an ‘interesting conundrum’, sooner or later;  I asked myself a crucial question, ‘Am I satisfied with how much my online business is earning?’”

Have you asked yourself the same question?

For most online business owners the answer is reverberating across the web . . . “NO!”

Keep reading.  There is a solution!

So, why are so many successful online business owners so dissatisfied?  They started their businesses because they want to be their own boss, to be independent and free from the trials and tribulations of work place politics.

. . . Says Cat, “Great entrepreneurs reach a point in their online businesses when they are faced with that ‘conundrum’ I mentioned earlier; their website traffic grows and they realize a degree of success.  The decisions made at this defining moment can make or break their future success.

Does the business owner settle for the diminishing returns of passive monetization models, such as Amazon’s affiliate program and Google’s Adsense?  There’s no doubt these are the easiest monetization opportunities to implement and simple to manage.


Does the online business owner leverage their time and income by hiring outside help?  There are risks involved with trusting parts of your business to others, not to mention the addition of complex legal contracts and another layer of oversight requiring special skills to manage workers.


Some online business owners don’t mind managing people and supporting customers that come with the territory of producing and selling their own products, a monetization model yielding substantially more income potential than passive monetization models.

What if there was another way to significantly increase your earnings while still remaining a solopreneur?

No Risk.  

No Complexity.

Earn More!

Best of all . . . it’s FREE!

Trafeze is a cutting edge monetization concept, a network for solopreneurs, an incredibly valuable product you’ll love.

==>Click here to go to Trafeze to get started!

Here is more information . . . 

. . . Says Cat, “Great entrepreneurs need to know Trafeze works like an online exchange, a networking place for online entrepreneurs with high-traffic niche websites chock full of valuable content, to connect with other like-minded business owners in a related niche who have products they wish to sell more of.  It’s an income growing opportunity for both website owners, a real win-win business arrangement for everyone!”

Product Sellers reach a bigger audience in their niche and Traffic Sellers who use the passive monetization model substantially increase their income on their otherwise under-productive websites.

There's much more to the marketing world than paid advertisements . . . email marketing, guest posting on niche related blogs, blog commenting, social media, sponsorships, Hello Bars and special ad formats . . . Trafeze helps online entrepreneurs to get the deal so their income increases fast!

There are no fees.

There are no catches . . . everything is up front and clear.

Sign up and list your online business for FREE.  When you list, you will tell about your website, who you are and whom you wish to connect with.

If your online business passes the traffic algorithm, you are accepted into a proprietary group of solopreneurs, a pretty special group of people.

To qualify, your online site must deliver high traffic as determined by Trafeze's algorithm.  The good news is, if you miss at first, the negative assessment is not permanent. Trafeze rescans all accounts on a regular basis.

The concept is truly revolutionary . . . 

Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.  #Trafeze

Combine FREE with fast qualification of niche-appropriate partners, and facilitate a customized promotional program.

The result?

Trafeze unlocks income from websites with very under-monetized traffic while enabling product sellers to build stronger, more original marketing campaigns with higher returns on investment (ROI). 

It enables online entrepreneurs using passive monetization models to take back control of their businesses and solopreneurs, who sell their own products or services, to find numerous new high-traffic opportunities.

. . . Cat says, “Great entrepreneurs think outside the box.  This is why they succeed. With Trafeze, the sky is the limit!  Think everything imaginable, from ads to joint venture deals!”

Trafeze is a lot like Uber.  Instead of under-monetized automobiles, its websites, and instead of unhappy passengers who want a better ride at a better price, it’s traffic buyers who need more traffic to sell their products and services.  You might say Trafeze is "The Uber of Monetization."

Remember, Trafeze is Free.   There are no upfront fees, no commissions and no charges of any kind!  Imagine being free of Google and Amazon’s control.

Don’t worry.  There is no risk to your online business.  Keep your current monetization models and add Trafeze for a while. See how it works and benefit from the results.  Soon, your income will grow so much; you'll phase out the old monetization models that earned little income.

Nothing to lose . . . everything to gain!

Sign Up Today!

Tired of chasing your own monetization tail?  Catch it at Trafeze!

NOTE to Traffic Sellers (high-traffic websites):  You can complete a full listing immediately. It is highly recommended you register intent.  You will be among the first beta testers to complete the first deals and benefit!

Your free listing provides your website's address and information. You can also provide your social network profiles, which establishes two more points, 

  1. It creates a more complete picture of your online presence.
  2. It informs potential "Traffic Buyers" that you are a force in Social Media site x, y or z, whichever URLs you enter.

IMPORTANT:  Trafeze runs each channel through a "social algorithm." Each social listing must pass its specific test to be listed.

TIP: Enter all of your social channels, even the ones that you doubt would pass. If one or more of your social media do not pass, there is no penalty, no notice to the world that you failed your Vine application! You have nothing-to-lose!

Finally, check the kind of promotions you might be interested in, such as:  Ad Placement, Site Sponsorship, Hello Bar, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Joint Venture and Partnership.

There is NO obligation to accept any deal.  If an offer seems like it will work for you, then you make a deal! If not, you pass and move on. Trafeze is that simple!

Using sound business acumen, accept as many deals as you like.  The worst thing you can do is to turn your website into a flickering mass of ads out-flashing the valuable content your visitors are looking for!  A social media campaign for one Traffic Buyer, a site sponsorship for two others, and a joint venture email marketing for a fourth.

There is going to be a rating system . . . stars and reviews.

Trafeze focuses on not just being the ONLY system of its kind, but the best, ever (no matter how many copycats chase their tail later on)!

. . . Says Cat, “Great entrepreneurs who choose wisely and follow the online ‘help’, will soon see their income grow substantially; that’s some serious money!

I can’t begin to express how special it is to belong to such a distinctive group of extraordinary business people. This is a different playground, where honor and efficiency reign.

What used to produce great income for website owners, no longer does.  I’ve already taken my business into the 21st century by creating a listing with Trafeze.

Don’t you think it is time you do the same?”

Just go to https://trafeze.com/#register to sign up.

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