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Cat Magazines of the Year


Updated May 24, 2018.

Cats Make Magazines Unforgettable!

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Spend the season with good cat magazines, the best of the year!  Reading a great cat publication is something all feline fanciers relish and there’s never a better time than now.

Imagine . . . a cold, snowy Friday evening at home, cozied up on a soft sofa with your special kitty and a steaming mug of your favorite drink (mine is tea; yours might be coffee or hot cocoa).

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Swaddle yourself in a warm cat quilt,  "Fluffy" rolls tummy up under your hand, her chinchilla fur in disarray, but she loves it . . . and so do you.  Her purrs beat a tranquil thrum against your fingertips, more relaxing than a professional massage.

You grab your favorite cat glossy and immerse yourself in a feline world.

Whether it’s an article about the latest cat care information, a funny cat comic or a short cat tale . . . 

. . . Somehow spending time with, and about, felines is a fun Friday pastime.

Inside the Magazines


Cat periodicals are chock full of interesting articles about cat life and care, the latest news and events, and fantastic feline pictures and inspiring stories.  Some publications feature cat lifestyle, humor and glam.  


Do you want to get more involved?  Join a cat community sponsored by a publisher.  You will find like-minded cat lovers who share in forums, Facebook groups and on pet pages.

Go online to these magazine publishers' websites to find more.  Join a cat finders group or sign up for a freebie.  Download cat coloring pages for your children or play kitty games.

These are the Best Cat Magazines

There’s something for every one of every age.  

These monthly marvels make perfect gifts for your family and friends any time, and not just for birthdays and Christmas.  Give the gift of furry happiness to cheer up an ailing friend.  Tie up a magazine in a big red bow for Valentine's Day, a sure pleaser for your cat lover.

All of them are about cats.  All of them have cat pictures in them . . . and all of them are evocative of all-things-feline!


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