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Rescue Cat Gives Back to Cat Rescue Shelters

Updated May 24, 2018.

Cat rescue shelters make you wish you had a big enough house for 100 cats! All those sad eyes looking at you . . . which cat will you choose when you can only pick one? What are your criteria? Well, whatever it is, it’s gone the second you make eye contact with the one you will love forever. That’s how I met Oliver, with one exception: he caught my eye and heart online -- a little like online dating, but I didn’t swipe left.

Oliver was a long-haired fluff ball whose face was hard to resist. When I went to meet him in person, it was again love at first sight as he nestled in my lap and looked up at me with those “Adopt Me” eyes. He was too tiny to take home that day, so I signed all the paperwork and was told I could come back in a few weeks to make the adoption official. In those few weeks, I stocked up on all the best kitten goods - a nice bed, lots of toys, dishes, and food…the works. I couldn’t wait for us to get to know each other and have some kitten fun!

Always By My Side

I remember the first day I picked Oliver up from the cat rescue shelter a friend had said to me, “Are you sure you really want a kitten? He’s going to grow into a cat sooner than later and you’re making a commitment to him for so many years.”

It’s a valid point to consider for some people, but this wasn’t a phase I was going through. I knew adopting a pet was a lot of responsibility and I also knew the rewards and companionship that came from it.

I had a lot of turmoil in my life the first few years Oliver and I were together. I ended a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, purchased my first home, and switched jobs as I searched to find a career that truly inspired me. Then, just when I had landed a job I truly enjoyed and thought I was onto a more stable phase in my life, I became ill with a severe case of Lyme disease that had gone misdiagnosed.

This became a life-changing event for me. The severity of my illness left me unable to hold a traditional job as I suffered from unpredictable flare-ups that kept me inside the house and sometimes bedridden.  I was also unable to participate in many of the social activities I once enjoyed. This was, at times, extremely isolating and lonely. However, no matter how lonely things got, one thing was for certain – Oliver was always by my side.

The Oliver Poons Children’s Company is Born 

In the midst of facing a number of neurological symptoms from Lyme disease, I found myself suddenly writing with my left hand, even though I was previously only right-handed. I decided to embrace this odd symptom and wrote left-handed while stuck in bed. Of all the things I could’ve written, I’m surprised that it turned out to be children’s rhyming stories. However, I’m not so surprised that the main character was inspired by the lovable, Oliver!

Since my days in bed, the Oliver Poons Children’s Company has grown quite a bit! My mother, Lois, illustrated my children’s stories and we have now published two hardcover children’s titles in The Adventures of Oliver Poons series: Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat and Dreaming in Color. We also have an educational workbook, children’s yellow hats to resemble the hat of the adorable Oliver Poons, interactive floor games, and much more to come!

Giving Back to Cat Rescue Shelters through #YellowHatsforCats


As much as the Oliver Poons Children’s Company is about children, it’s about animals too! Oliver has played a tremendous role in my recovery process and his silly, fun-loving nature helps inspire the whimsy behind the Oliver Poons stories.

Animals provide such love and companionship for children and adults alike, and we’re passionate about supporting the organizations that help rescue these future best fur-friends with the sale of Oliver Poons children’s products. We donate 15% of our online sales back to participating cat rescue shelters through our #YellowHatsforCats campaign.

If you’re following us on Instagram @yellowhatsforcats, you’ll also find our #YellowHatsforCats challenge pretty fun! Follow us to see all the cats sporting yellow hats and tag your cat with #YellowHatsforCats to show your support for our cat rescue shelters!

Also be sure to visit us on our website at You can select an animal rescue group of your choice to benefit from your purchase directly on our product pages.

Many thanks in advance for helping Oliver help other cats! He’s helped bring a smile to me during a difficult time in my life and I hope he brings a smile to you too!

About the Author

Lauryn Alyssa Wendus is the Next Door Entrepreneur! She founded the Oliver Poons Children’s Company amidst a severe case of Lyme disease and is now an author, speaker, and business owner.  In addition to her work with the Oliver Poons Children’s Company (, she also helps others through her website, To learn more about Lauryn, visit her website at

You can connect with lauryn on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Oliver Poons Children's Company


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