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Cat Rescue Stories

Cat Rescue Stories--Dodger was dumped in our backyard as a kittenDodger was dumped in our backyard as a kitten

Updated May 24, 2018.

Cat rescue stories are about grassroots efforts by heroic souls to make the world a better place one cat at a time.

There’s the merciful soul who one day commits to making a home for the neighborhood wanderer who survives by begging for food and attention at each door down the street.

A rural family wakes up one morning to find a bag full of newborn kittens dumped on their property. They restore the kittens to good health and make a conscientious effort to find good homes for them, perhaps keeping the one or two nobody will adopt.

Then, there is the feral cat that shows up at the doorstep one day and never leaves.  After carefully winning this kitty’s trust so it can receive care, the striking realization hits, this feline has become a member of the family.

We must consider the dedicated cat lovers who advocate for every cat in a bigger way: veterinarians who specialize in feline care, those who organize and operate no-kill shelters, private groups who form rescue and re-homing organizations, non-profit organizations that focus on the plight of feral cats, and all the volunteers who selflessly donate their time and money to cat welfare . . . the list of humans who act on behalf of cats goes on and on.

Cat Rescue Stories--Bonnie, the neighborhood wondererMaryilyn and Bonnie Cat, the neighborhood wonderer

What about all those intelligent cats who rescue humans?

Ponder the touching tales of nanny cats who help raise children, nurse cats whose healing purrs bring comfort to the sick and injured, fire cats who save families from tragic burning, mother cats who adopt other litters (sometimes other species) and raise them as their own. . . 

. . . they, too, deserve recognition for their courage and acts of heroism.

These are the stories that win our award for “Pawsitive Catitude” here at, the ones that deserve mention and applause.

Guide to Cat Rescue Stories

Cat Rescue Stories--Former feral cat, Buddy is now a children's book heroFormer feral cat, Buddy is now a children's book hero
Abby, The Tortoiseshell Kitten

Abby, The Tortoiseshell Kitten  From the moment she met him, our newly rescued tortoiseshell kitten let Dodger know who the queen of the house was going to be!

Dodger-A Black Cat Story  A shivering, scrawny mass of black fuzz, Dodger adopted our family and became our inspiration for

Guest Star:  How Dodger Became a Cat Icon

Guest Star:  How Dodger Became a Cat Icon  Dodger dropped into our lives one bone chilling night fifteen years ago, a hypothermic skeleton covered with black fluff . . . 

How I Rescue Cats-Remembering Bonnie  “We weren't planning to adopt another cat. We were happy being a one-cat family.  Things took a change of direction when a persistent tabby appeared in our carport . . .” a rescue cats story by Marilyn Clines.

Piggy the Claw Machine Cat  Hello.  My name is Piggy, the claw machine cat!  About four years ago, my human, Matt, introduced me to the world on YouTube . . . 

Rescue Cat Gives Back to Cat Rescue Shelters  Cat rescue shelters make you wish you had a big enough house for 100 cats! All those sad eyes looking at you . . . which cat will you choose when you can only pick one?

Rescue Cat Twice, Now Children's Book Hero: Buddy's Tale  "I think we found your cat." The call came out of the blue.   Buddy had been missing for 18 months.   As unbelievable as it might seem . . . their description of him matched perfectly.  He was only a mile away . . . ,” by Meg Dendler. 

A Wild Kitten Rescue--The Beast from the Bushes  “Dressed in pyjamas I went into the garden and peered into the underbrush . . . the snarling beast from the bushes emerged; a wild kitten rescue . . . ," by Nikki McDonagh.

What is YOUR Cat Rescue Story?

Do you have a great cat rescue story to tell? Share it!

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