Personalize your "Cool" with a Cat Tote BAg

Updated May 3, 2017.

Personalize Your

If you love cats, then you must have at least one cat tote bag for your next shopping trip!  Just any old bag won't do . . . not when you can celebrate your love for felines with a cool tote!

I love mine!  It's the one reusable shopping bag in my stash that is a terrific conversation starter at the checkout line.

Other cat lovers standing in the checkout line at the store love it and so do the clerks!  I’ve learned to carry a bunch of business cards to hand out to my new cat loving friends so they can fulfill their feline fancy.

Since my cat tote has become so popular, I decided it was time to share the fun with you!

Cute cat bags can be found in specialty shops, at online stores and here, at

Myriads of Kitty Inspired Designs Appeal to any Shopper's Tastes

Do you enjoy cat art?  If so, you can spread your love for it by owning a cat tote designed by an artist.

Maybe you’re a black cat advocate, like I am (remember Dodger).  You’ll find some unique designs that grab the attention of other black cat lovers.

Perhaps colors and patterns are your thing; you’ll find a cat tote to love.  If you’re lucky, your cat will love your bag as much as you do!  Abby enjoys crawling into mine and begs to go for a ride through the house; it’s almost as thrilling for her as playing with a new cardboard box filled with crinkly brown paper.

A Cat Tote Bag is Versatile

A cat bag makes a great interior design statement in your home.  Use it to store things in from around your house, for example, put your cat’s toys inside, or use it to store towels or extra rolls of tissue in your bathroom.

Put one near your staircase and fill it with the things you need carry up or down stairs.

I keep one handy near my desk.  When guests arrive, I sweep everything off my desk into my decorative tote; toss a wad of pretty tissue paper on top and voile . . . my house looks clean and tidy.

When I’m road tripping, my cat tote serves as a picnic bag for day trips, a beach bag for my swimming gear and a catch all for my travel trailer.

A cat tote is terrific for gift giving.  Wrap your gifts in specialty tissue paper, attractively arrange them inside the tote, and then decorate the handles with curly ribbon or bows.

Need more inspiration?  Check out the our favorite picks!

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