Cat vs Dog

Updated May 4, 2017.

Cat vs dog is an old conflict calling to mind many entertaining and humorous tales of endless chase and flying fur.  

I recollect a more recent encounter.

Just last weekend, the neighbor’s puppy, a 6 month old Whippet, wandered onto our wilderness property while I was working in the yard.

My introduction to the intruder was a thump on the back of the knee by a cold wet nose.  

Being busy I told him to get going, “Get out of here!”  

I have a fondness for dogs, but after losing our Newfoundland recently I just haven’t had the heart to become attached to another dog again.   Newfies are big, but also loyal, protective and very lovably.  There is always enough dog to go around for a family petting session.

Dodger really likes dogs; while alive our big Newfoundland, Rex, was his best friend.  He’s always friendly with dogs, as long as they reciprocate.  

Unfortunately, our other neighbors’ Springer Spaniel, found out the hard way, that Dodger tolerates no hostility from dogs.  After a few bloody stripes on the nose and a warning hiss . . . it’s now been 5 years since the Spaniel stopped coming as far as our shared fence.  Today, the Spaniel settles for keeping his distance and allows Dodger to use as much of their yard as he pleases.

Cat vs Dog

After I shooed at the puppy, the Whippet wandered around the corner of the house to within 3 feet of Dodger, who sat on the back step.

About 15 minutes later I was on the other side of the house spreading corn gluten meal to keep the weeds at bay.  Dodger wandered out ahead of me in a pleasant mood, enjoying the spring sunshine.  

Poof!  There was the little whippet.  

He slid quietly up to Dodger, his quivering, wet nose stretched forth.  

Well he did it!  

He dared to go where no other dog before him had gone. . .  

. . . He performed the doggie to doggie greeting upon Dodger.

Dodger is mostly an outdoor cat, and that by choice.  His nerves are precision honed to close tolerances; his powerful extremities end in razor blade claws.   It’s this finally tuned instrument that has allowed him to survive outside with coyotes, cougars, bears, hawks and eagles.  

Being the wild creature he is, Dodger’s wild instinct kicked in when the Whippet’s wet nose poked into his furry back end and sniffed.  

With mighty thrusts of his limbs, Dodger darted up the nearest cedar tree.  

As if he were running across open ground, his claws scrabbled, desperately grasping for tree bark.

There was no looking back.

It’s Escape.  Hide.  Ask Questions Later.

He shot up the tree about 15 feet above the ground before he paused to glimpse back at his attacker.

The Whippet puppy stood, his tail slowing swinging back and forth, clearly astounded by the cat’s incredible speed.  

Disgusted, Dodger dropped from the tree.

A dog. . . Nothing but a common dog.

Dodger calmly walked up to the Whippet, letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he had crossed the lines of civility.  

Thoroughly upbraided, the Whippet puppy quickly retreated with Dodger on his tail.

We haven’t seen the naive Whippet for several weeks, but we’re certain he will return.  

Young dogs are forever curious and quickly forget the lessons administered.

About the Guest Author

D. R. F. is an Information Technology professional.  He was raised by a Blue Point Siamese kitty named Missy.  He lives with his cats and family in the Pacific Northwest wilderness, USA.

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