How to Help Cats in Need

Updated May 4, 2017.

Not all of us cat lovers have the ability to help many cats in need on our own.  That’s okay, because there are other ways we can help the cat rescue movement across the world.

For instance, there are not enough volunteers to help at no-kill animal shelters or at local organizations focused on resolving issues for stray and feral cats.  Think of the feral spay/neuter programs and the feral cat winter shelter efforts.

For those who can, plenty of cats in need require foster homes while they wait for a forever home.  Then, there are those kind hearts with homes filled to capacity with cats, but who want to do more.

Be reassured.

There are many ways you can help cats in need and the one way presented here you don’t have to leave home to do!

All you need to do is GIVE to help provide food and care for cats in need.

Shop to save cats!

Every purchase funds at least 14 bowls of food for cats in need and other shelter animals!

It’s a win-win deal!

You get a quality item to enjoy and shelter cats receive what they so desperately need.

Does your cat need a cozy cat bed or a designer-look cat scratcher?  How about a new toy?  We love Jackson Galaxy’s new take on cat toys.

Show the world how much you love cats by ordering beautiful cat inspired clothing.

Have you ever considered a cat theme for your home’s interior design?  Beautify your home; buy a new kitty coffee mug or an apron, and then give your garden a little character . . . cat character!

Sneak some “cat” into your office at work by adding a themed notepad to your desk.

Do you need a gift for that special someone?  You’ll find lots of items to choose from below.

Save time and expensive auto fuel.  Shop online by visiting; it’s quick and easy!

Make your money do double-duty . . . find what you’re looking for and feed cats in need at the same time!

Bookmark this webpage so you can find it when you need it, and then tell your family and friends about it, too.  Like you, they will feel good about helping shelter animals and cats in need.

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