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Top Books about Cats--Childrens Books

Updated June 22, 2017.

Childrens books about cats are among favorite family reads.  I know they rated high on my reading list way back in the day. Sharing them with my children as they grew was a reminiscent pleasure, one we indulged in nightly. 

What is Your Favorite Children's Book about Cats?

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To this day, I still enjoy picking up good childrens books about cats, even if they are written for youngsters. Revisiting these old stories is like spending time with a special friend.

Imagine pulling a worn favorite from the shelf.  Dusting off the book jacket, you settle beneath a fuzzy blanket in your most comfortable chair pulled up next to a cozy fire. 

Your eyes widen in anticipation as you open the cover.  Does your heart skip with delight as you bathe in marvelous memories?  A sip of hot chocolate; turn the page . . .

. . . suddenly, you’re wonderfully lost in another time, another place.

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