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Piggy the Claw Machine Cat

Updated May 24, 2018.

Hello.  My name is Piggy, the claw machine cat!  About four years ago, my human, Matt, introduced me to the world on YouTube

His Journey to the Claw Machine series has become fun and popular, and when fans began noticing me in some of his videos, they sent me letters, drawings, toys and treats.  

I had no idea I would be so loved.

You see, I began my life as a rescue cat.  My adopted sister, Vision, and I were neglected and sent to Animal Friends where a wonderful man found us and gave us a new home. 

This man, Rick, who is Matt’s uncle, was very kind and gave us all the love and food we needed.

Matt was living with his uncle at the time, and I felt a connection, a bond with him.  I loved to snuggle in bed with him at night and I spent my days enjoying his silly antics and all the attention he gave me.

I Became a Claw Machine Cat Diva!

Later, when Matt began filming claw machine videos and included me, I felt a bit camera shy at first. Then, I got my own Facebook page and found a great following.  

Now, I’m a star . . . Piggy the Claw Machine Cat!

I am extremely fond of Spaghettios and Doritos.  I love tuna treats, as well. Bird-watching out the window is a favorite pastime of mine.

About three years ago, my dear sister, Vision, crossed over the rainbow bridge. She didn’t look well, and one day Matt brought her to the vet's and she never came home. 

Though I had my human to look after me, I think he sensed my loneliness.

Goober and Me

One day he came home with a box that was making funny screeching sounds. 

When he opened the box, a furry gray striped kitten waddled out.  I didn’t know what to think of her at first since she was way too playful for an older cat like me.

Time went on and Goober the cat, as my new sister came to be known, found her way into my heart. 

We snuggle together and she lets me bathe her, which is pretty cool. I can’t even picture what life was like before her.

Me on Facebook!

I have an awesome grandmother, Karen, who runs my Facebook page, and she wanted to give back to Matt’s fans and the cat community something they could enjoy, which would convey the fun of my page and a funny, yet touching story, they could read. 

Piggy the Cat



She approached me about writing a book, and I was glad to oblige. 

The result is our new book called, Piggy.

We’ve gotten some really nice reviews already, some people are saying it’s a “cat book with heart,” and they actually cried in certain parts and laughed in others.

Part of the proceeds of my book go to benefit a wonderful cat community, My Ferals, whose tireless efforts are little known for each abandoned, stray and abused cat they help.

I’m very fortunate to have such loving humans in my life and a wonderful network of cat friends, like Cat McMahon at, who was kind enough to tell my little “tail” on her website.

Thank you to all who enjoy my page, especially to those of you who read and enjoy my book. 

About the Guest Author

Karen Malena is a cat lover and author.  An avid reader and writer.  She is active in her community at local author events, mentors young author, and is a member of Pittsburgh East Scribes, a monthly writer’s group. 

When she’s not at home with her family and her cats in western Pennsylvania, Karen is enjoying weekend trips with her husband.

Visit Karen at her author website,, and at her blog, The Finch’s Nest, Inspirational Stories, where she occasionally features heartfelt cat stories.

Her books, Sound of Silence, Shadow of My Father’s Secret, Reflections from My Mother’s Kitchen, Love Woven in Time and Piggy can be found at

You can find Karen on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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