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Feline Jewelry for every occasion

Feline Jewelry For Every Occasion

Updated May 24, 2018

There is no better way to embellish beauty than with feline jewelry.  Whether it is called cat charisma or kitty karma, ornamental trinkets go from seriously sassy everyday wear to sleek sophisticated evening wear and every special occasion in between.

It is all about developing a signature cat style.

There are polished pieces that shine in the limelight, all the glitz and glamour of glowing gems and sparkling jewels, and handmade whimsical charms suspended from shimmering chains.

Jewelry makes wonderful gifts to kitty-loving family and friends.  If you are like me, you will pick up a delightful piece to add to your feline jewelry collection.

From the top of the head to the tip of the toes, feline jewelry is purrfectly adorable any time!

Feline Jewelry Directory

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Adornments for Head and Hair


A fascinator is a lightweight head adornment worn instead of a hat, usually associated with formal attire.  Their history in fashion dates back to the 19th century.  Fascinators are especially popular in Europe, but have become a fashion statement in North America, as well.  For cat lovers, this feline jewelry is everyday fun.


For centuries, decorative hairpins have been used to hold women's hair in place, such as elaborate coiffures and other creative hairstyles.  For special occasions, jewel encrusted hairpins also serve as attractive adornments.  Cat hairpins add a surprisingly stylish flare to hair.


Every cat collection needs a pair of inspiring earrings, but don't just stop at one pair.  Collect a pair for everyday of the month! They are easy to wear and are appropriate any time.


Humans have been decorating themselves with necklaces and other jewelry since their earliest days.  Though the materials used have changed over time, necklaces depicted what was highly prized and deemed beautiful for the historical and cultural times.


Chockers are a type of necklace, fitting close around the neck.  They have held great popularity in fashion during various periods of history and remain so today.


Lockets are a kind of keepsake pendant that opens to store a memento inside, such as the portrait of a loved one or a lock of hair.  Some lockets contain solid perfume or scented potpourri.


Pendants are artful pieces of jewelry designed to hang down, usually from a fine chain, ribbon or leather thong.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and are usually a significant statement piece in a fashion wardrobe.


Historically, brooches were practical gear used to secure garments, such as holding a long cloak closed across the upper chest. Eventually these fasteners became elaborate ornaments and fashion statements.  For cat lovers, brooches are purr feline fun. 

Arm Adornments

Like necklaces, arm adornments date back to the earliest of times.  Historical artifacts indicate they served practical and religious functions, as well as ornamental displays of beauty.




Rings are an ancient jewelry, often with a great deal of sentiment attached to them.  Wedding rings are a token of a lifetime commitment made between a loving couple.  Signet rings were historically used as an official signature or an official seal on documents, letters and notes, by royalty and other powerful public figures.  Even finger placement is important with rings, the symbolism varying from culture to culture.  For cat lovers, rings are great feline fun!

Ankles & Feet

All over the world historical evidence shows jewelry decorating ankles, feet and toes.  Elaborate ankle bracelets, delicate barefoot sandals and distinctive toe rings decorate the feet of dancers, courtesans and ordinary people.


Toe Rings

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