Happy Birthday Cat--Abby Cat's Diary

Updated May 4, 2017.

Happy Birthday cat!  I was born on February 11, 2011 and today is my birthday!

I just had to put this down in my cat diary.

I’m soooo excited!  

My tail can’t stop quivering and my ears keep twitching. . . I don’t want to miss a thing!

This is birthday week at the castle.  Three of the five of us in the family have birthdays this week and I share mine with the man of the house.

That makes us really special today.

Last night I stretched out and slept next to the man.  I enjoy cuddling up to him, sharing lots of purring and furry loves.

This morning I gave him extra purring and furry loves for our Birthdays, hoping he would stay home to celebrate with me.  But, he had to go to work, again.  

Before dawn, I dashed outside to tell the wild world the great news.

I played in the grass next to the Cottontails, chased bugs, stalked birds, tossed mice and voles, toyed with worms and sniffed the spring flowers blooming in the woman’s island garden.

When the sun came up, I traipsed back inside and gave myself a beauty treatment, because I'm the man's "pretty kitty".

Later, I curled up for the day with the woman, like I do every day.  We’re writing buddies.  I write too . . . in my cat diary.

It’s our special time. We keep each other warm and I get lots of pets from her.  I catnap next to her and have sweet kitty dreams. Did I mention it’s our special time?  Very special.

But, we didn’t write long today.  We had to get ready for a birthday party.

We decorated the castle.  I helped the woman wrap presents and worked hard to entertain Dodger so he wouldn’t caterwaul at her while she cooked a nice dinner . . . sometimes he talks too much!

Then, I waited for the man to come home from work.  

I was so excited!  I'm a happy birthday cat!

The party began when he walked in the door and he scooped me into his arms.  I love this, but I squirm around . . . it’s part of the game.

I love games!  

I squirm around until he puts me down.  Then, I wind myself up like a spring and pell-mell, scrabbling on the floor . . . you know, running in place with my claws making lots of noise . . . and like a rocket, I shoot across the room and dive for cover.

I loved the happy birthday cat gift wrap!

My favorite game in the whole world is Hide and Seek.  I hide and everyone else seeks.  I make them seek and seek and seek.  It makes me laugh.  I always win!  

We feasted.  We sang.  We feasted again.

Then, we did the best part of the whole day. 

We opened birthday presents.  I'm such a happy birthday cat!

Oh! The swirly rainbow of ribbons and the colorful crinkly paper . . . it was beyond my wildest expectations.

My eyes bugged out and my fur bristled in anticipation.  I just knew the man and woman had a special present for me . . . perhaps another cat diary.

When the man cut the ribbon and I heard that delightful “rip” of paper . . . 

. . . my heart stopped.

My nose trembled and my whiskers jolted.  The scent was perfect.

How did they know?!  

I never told the man or woman what I wanted for my cat birthday, but somehow they knew.

A Box!

A big square, brown box . . . the best one ever!

I waited, pacing back and forth as the man tossed wads of brown packing paper into the middle of the room and emptied the box.

I’ve never received a scented box before . . . it was heady and intoxicating.  

That box was sheer ecstacy!  I'm in happy birthday cat heaven!

I couldn’t contain myself any longer.  I explored every inch of it, jumping in and out, in and out, umpteen times, and climbing all over it.

At dizzying speed I zipped around the room, bouncing off the walls and every piece of furniture.

In a feat of pure joy, like never before, I launched into the air from the top of the sofa.  As I passed over the top of my delicious new box, I did an acrobatic twist with an elegant turn of my tail, curled up and dived toward the carpeted floor, landing with silent feline grace.

The woman tipped the box on its side, gathered my favorite bunch of old packing paper and put it inside the box  

I pirouetted on nimble paws and glided between her arms, laying myself out as if on a silken fainting couch. 

She slid the box into my favorite corner and hid me in a jungle of new packing paper.

Oh cat diary, this has been the best happy birthday cat celebration ever!

I’m purring.

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