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Merlin’s 2010 Road Trip

by Pamela Cummins
(Jacksonville, NC)



Merlin Antics
Rhiannon & Merlin
Pamela Cummins and Merlin

On a humid August day, Tommy’s truck was packed to the max with boxes. My new PT Cruiser held my wardrobe among other belongings and was hitched to the truck. Merlin a.k.a., “The Bruiser”, was in a cranky mood as I put him in the cat carrier. My father and stepmother were at my apartment in Rockaway, NJ to send me off on my eleven hour drive to my new home in Morehead City, NC.

I secured my Parakeet, Birdy Bird, in the truck. Tommy had a special spot for Merlin on top of the boxes in the middle and right behind us, so he could look out the windows. I was homesick already and nervous about how my fur and feather children would be on this long drive. To make matters worse, Tommy’s air conditioner was broken and my sweat soaked clothes were already sticking to me. I thought with dread, “This is going to be a fun trip, I wish it was already over.”

Merlin was not scared at all; in fact he was fascinated watching all the cars on the highway. When a car hauler filled with new cars went by, the expression on his face was – this is so cool. Merlin was literally in a highway trance. I tried to get him to sleep, but this show was too good to miss!

We got stuck in traffic for a couple of hours before it started to flow. Some time passed. To my horror, I watched a car in front of us do a 360 on I-95 in Maryland. I held onto the cat carrier praying that Merlin wouldn’t die as time seem to slow down. Maybe Merlin really is a wizard because to my astonishment in every lane all the cars behind and beside us slowed down and stopped. The 360 man steered the car in the right direction and
proceeded to drive on. Tommy and I looked at each other in amazement that we were still alive.

When we got to Virginia, the truck started to slow and couldn’t go faster than fifty miles per hour. We stopped at one gas station, but no matter how I held the flashlight Tommy couldn’t get a proper look to fix the problem in the engine. An hour or so later, Mother Nature was calling so we pulled into a gas station; this one had more light. I decided to let Merlin out of the carrier as Tommy worked on the truck, because I felt bad for him.

Big mistake! Merlin tried to get out of my arms so he could explore and sniff all the mysterious things in the truck. Then a car pulled up to the pump and people got out. Merlin was so excited and struggled to get out of my arms to introduce himself. There was no way I was going to let my kitty run around a gas station; so I put him back in the carrier. Tommy was able to fix the truck and we continued on our journey.

In the middle of the night, after a sixteen hour drive, we arrived at my sister’s doorstep. I was feasted on by the state bird a.k.a. “Mosquitoes”, welcoming me to my temporary new home as we waited for my sister to open the door. I got out Merlin’s litter box and he finally went. What amazing bladder control. All in all, Merlin was a really good boy! And so was Birdy Bird. I was very grateful that my pets were so easy to relocate. Rhiannon, the Southern Girl kitty I adopted needs to learn Merlin’s traveling skills. But Rhiannon’s car manners are another story.

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Oct 27, 2014
NC better than Rockaway
by: Georgia

I enjoyed this saga!

Oct 21, 2014
Merlin's 20102 Road Trip
by: Merlin

Lots of head butts & kitty licks for sharing my story!
Purr, Purr,
PS Dictated by my human slave.

Oct 20, 2014
Thank you!
by: Cat McMahon

What an adventure Merlin and his friends had on their road trip to North Carolina! Thank you for sharing such an entertaining tale!

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