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by Sean
(Dublin, Ohio)




So, I want to share a very personal story about the newest addition to our family. I am not usually one to get all sentimental in a public forum, but this story is just too wonderful to keep to myself.

My Wife, Tracey, and I are avid cat lovers. I have had cats as long as I can remember and I cannot imagine life without them; they are truly an inspiration.

Near the end of last year we were plagued with medical problems with two of our kitties. Pipp was the first who became ill and we did everything we could to keep her happy and healthy but lost the battle on September 18th 2014.

Shortly after the loss of Pipp, Nano became ill as well. Maybe it was a broken heart? After over a month of fighting to get her healthy again, and after numerous procedures, a feeding tube and thousands of dollars in medical expenses, we lost that fight as well. On November 10th 2014 Nano, too, crossed the rainbow bridge to be with her sisters.

Experiencing the overwhelming sadness of the loss of two of our kids, we were sure things could not get any worse.

We adopted two wonderful kittens to keep Stormy (our only kitty) company and to start the rebuilding of our family. Luna and Snowflake were perfect and quickly settled into their new home.

Less than a couple of months passed and tragedy struck our family again. My father passed in early January, very unexpectedly. I cannot even begin to express the grief I felt after this series of losses. There were days that it was very difficult to keep my head up and not to give in to the pressures of life.

On Father’s day of this year, Tracey and I went to my mom’s house to spend Father’s Day with her and my brothers. We knew it would be a difficult time for us and we chose to spend the day together remembering my Dad as a family.

When I walked in the door, my brother and sister-in-law approached me with a little Rubbermaid™ tub. In the tub was a little white and gray kitten napping on a towel. He was just a little guy, only a few ounces. They explained to me this little fur-ball’s compelling story and my heart melted.

Living in the country, it was not unusual for them to have stray cats running around outside. This little guy was part of a small litter that was living outside their home with their mother.

Shortly after birth, the mother and other kittens were found dead outside and this little kitten was missing. Feared dead, it was a very sad, but all too common end to an outdoor family of cats. A couple of days later, the little kitten was found wondering around in the yard. To everyone’s surprise, he had survived for days with no family and his eyes barely open. It was truly a miracle that he survived around all the dangerous wildlife and the elements while only weighing a few ounces and lacking all defenses.

They quickly scooped him up and tried to take care of him they best they knew how to. Knowing that Tracey and I are cat lovers, they brought him to my Mom’s with the hope that we would take him and get him the help he needed to survive.

From the second I laid eyes on him, I knew I wanted to take him home. Tracey came inside and quickly was drawn to him as well. We both agreed that we would take him and care for him. Tracey and my sister-in-law immediately ran to the pet store and got him formula and other essentials. We began bottle feeding him and he began his long journey to recovery.

When we got home that evening, we set him up a pen in the bedroom to keep him separate from the girls. We knew we had to keep his temperature regulated and that he had no immunizations to keep him safe or to prevent him potentially getting the girls sick.

We had to bottle-feed him and even stimulate him to go potty. We spent countless hours researching on the internet and remained in constant contact with our vet. It did not take long to see that this little guy was full of energy and was going to be a wild addition to our family.

After several weeks of separation, and a clean bill of health from the vet, he was introduced to his sisters Stormy, Luna, and Snowflake. Although a bit skittish, they immediately got along and took him under their wings.

We named him Scrunchie a.k.a. Little Man; names fitting for him when we first met him.

Scrunchie now weighs just over six pounds and is a very healthy and energetic kitten. He has brought us so much joy and happiness and in return, we have provided him with a home and a loving family.

This has been a long prelude to get to the point of my story . . .

. . . This little man is special!

I believe that he came to us for a reason.

Not merely his own survival, but ours as well.

He came at a time when life was very dark; a time when it was hard to be happy and hard to be optimistic. I believe he was sent to us from my Dad to help us through his loss and the loss of our girls.

How else could this little guy survive?

Although Father’s Day was still a rough day for my family, this little guy brought smiles to all of our faces and gave us a way sew life even in the midst of death. I know this sounds strange, but every time I look at this little miracle, I see a little of my Dad in his eyes. I am constantly reminded that death is not the end, but simply a new beginning, a new life for the one lost.

We are so blessed to have Little Man in our lives and I am looking forward to many years of joy and happiness with him.

Thank you, Dad, for giving us this gift, this “miracle”, to help us through our difficult times.

Please share this post if you believe life is fragile and love is forever!

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Jun 05, 2016
Miracle Workers Amongst Us
by: Anonymous

So wonderful to hear stories from others doing what I call " god work"I have raised many babies who would never have made it.I feel lucky!

Feb 21, 2016
Nice story
by: Tim Tobin

The world needs more people like you folks.

Oct 11, 2015
My furbabies bring sunshine every day!
by: Brandee

As I read your story, with tears streaming down my face, I am reminded how amazing our furbabies can be! We have 7 rescue kitties and each one brings something unique and special to my life

I lost my mom to cancer on 09/26/11 and remember coming home after she had passed away and all our kitties were sitting at the door waiting for me! The day was so dark and stormy but once I opened that door and saw all these little souls that depended on me ready to lick away my tears I knew momma was in each one of them letting me know I would be all right....that she was all right! They got me through the hardest day..weeks..months...years of my life and I can't imagine my life without each and every one of them!!

Thanks for sharing your "little man" with us and it makes me so happy he has a loving home and family and that you have a small piece of your father with you every day!!!

Oct 11, 2015
Well done.
by: Susan Keefe

What wonderful people you are and how lucky he is to have found you.

Oct 10, 2015

by: C M

Dear Sean,

I was deeply moved by your heartrending story. It’s a miracle Scrunchie survived such an ordeal! It’s a miracle your Dad gave just what you needed at just the right moment in your lives. Miracles are such wonderful things . . . and I’m grateful to you for sharing such a special one with us. Please give Scrunchie a hug from all of us here at Abby and Dodger send their purrs and head bumps, too.

Kindest regards,

Cat McMahon

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