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Mouse vs Cat . . . or is it?!

Updated May 4, 2017.

Once upon a kitty-night clear, “mouse vs cat” happened.  Some might say it should be turned around, “cat vs mouse”, but that’s not how things wound up.

I commenced on a mouse hunt . . . but I’ll let the man of the house tell the story.

“Abby has gone into the mouse transportation business.  Let me tell you how she decided to make the career change."

"Every evening Abby leaves the house for her evening constitutional.  Her favorite time is when it has become full dark.

At 8:30 PM every evening I open the back door. Frequently she is waiting to come into the house or surprises me by running to the door at full tilt.  She receives a treat for coming in; this may have some influence on her willingness to re-enter the house.

Last night I opened the door without calling her and turned to retrieve her treat.

While my back was turned, I heard the drum of her paws coming through the door.

Who says cats are quiet?

Abby ran to the middle of the family room and set a nice fat mouse on the floor.

Uninjured and very much alive, the mouse shot across the room with Abby at its heels.

At this point Abby’s Mom screamed, “What is that!”

This caused Abby to become tremendously excited.

Then, the mouse disappeared under Mom's desk with Abby in hot pursuit.

When the mouse reappeared, Mom was ready with a towel.  She threw it in an attempt to capture the creature.  

Abby, always ready to play, pounced on the towel and the mouse came out like a shot.  It picked up speed crossing the room.

We cornered the mouse behind the pellet stove, but our triumph was short lived.

We ran after the mouse in a desperate attempt to keep it out of the bedrooms as it sped through the dining room toward the hallway.  We herded the mouse as professionally as John Wayne did in the movie Hatari.

Then, the mouse shot into a box next to the front door.

Abby raced by.

I promptly picked up the box and tossed it out onto the front walk.

Sometime later, the mouse wandered away under its own power.

I found Abby crouched at the desk in the family room waiting for the mouse.

It is now apparent that her hunting skills do not extend to indoor fundamentals!”

The man of the house thinks this is a “mouse vs cat” story . . . 

. . . but he missed the lesson.

Just like when Dodger taught me how to hunt by bringing a baby rabbit into the house when I was a kitten, I was teaching the man of the house how to hunt mice.

I think he did very well for his first mouse hunt!

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