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Pet Identification--Traveling with a Cat

Personalized Reflective Cat Collar

Personalized Reflective Cat Collars


Updated May 24, 201.

Pet Identification must be included in every travel plan when traveling with a cat!

Among the most wonderful characteristics of felines, are their intelligence and their ability to embrace freedom so fully. Unfortunately, these attributes can unwittingly lead them to trouble, because cats are keen escape artists.

When visiting your veterinary professional, discuss pet identification options.  

Not all destinations have microchip technology available and there is no guarantee if your cat does become lost, the finder will take your cat to the nearest veterinarian or pet shelter for identification so your traveling cat can be reunited with you.

Safety First--Pet Identification!

Smartphone Cat ID Tag with GPS


Believe it or not, the best chance a straying or lost cat has of staying alive and being returned to its owner, is if it is wearing a bright colored collar made of reflective material (more easily spotted when hiding in the dark) with an ID tag attached (also made of a bright colored reflective material or polished metal). 

ID tags should be engraved with the cat’s name and the owner’s name, address and phone numbers. Be sure to include your cell phone number so you can be contacted while on the road.

As an added incentive to finders, engrave a reward offer if your cat is lost.

Stainless Steel Pet Id Tags


For added safety, consider adding a special travel ID tag, engraved with your cat’s name, your name, vacation address, phone numbers and your cell phone number.  

You might include the names and contact information of a family member or a trusted friend who will care for your cat should something unforeseen happen to you while you are traveling.

Have an extra set of tags made to carry with you.  It is not unusual for cats to lose a tag now and then.  

While on the road, frequently check to make sure your cat’s tags are well attached and are in good repair.  If you find one missing, replace it with the extra tag you held in reserve.

Start Early when Traveling with a Cat

For cats who have never worn a collar, this is the first travel training they need to master.  

Your cat should be so comfortable wearing a collar with an ID tag, that it reminds you something is missing, or isn’t right, when you remove the collar and forget to put it back on.  Once accustomed, most cats will proudly wear their collar and ID tags.

Pet Carrier Label Set with Passport Pouch


Also, attach an ID label on your cat’s carrier with the same information.  As an added incentive to finders, consider including a reward offer if your cat is lost.

Include a photo of your cat along with this information.

Carry Extra Photos of Your Cat with You

A photo is a very effective tool compared to a verbal, or written description, for others to help identify your cat in the event it should slip away and become lost.  

List the ID tag information on the back of the photos for added assurance.

At your lodging, leave an ID photo at the front desk to cover the rare instances when your cat might escape, such as when the maid comes to clean your room while you are gone sightseeing.

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