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Pet Memorial—In Loving Memory of Special Cats


Updated May, 24, 2018

Create a virtual pet memorial to commemorate your dearest cat and wrap your sorrow in the comfort of treasured memories.

It’s a beautiful way to preserve the unique essence of your exceptional kitty.

Sharing reminiscences of your beloved cat is a healing balm and helps you cope with grief.

Remember touching moments and the good times you shared together.

Join others like you who have journeyed through the life and loss of a cherished pet.  Their consolation and support is reassuring as you walk through grief . . . 

. . . You are not alone. 

Honor your kitty’s living spirit and celebrate the preciousness of life.  Your thoughts and feelings about your darling cat are important.

Ways You can Memorialize Your Cat

  • Purchase a cat memorial item.
  • Build a photo collection, turn an image into photo art to hang on a wall, have your cat’s portrait painted.
  • Make a memory box or scrapbook and fill it with photos, your cat’s collar, toys and other favorite mementos.
  • Make a craft of your cat memory, needlework, woodcraft, ceramics or sculpture.
  • Contribute to your favorite cat care or welfare organization in your cat’s name.
  • Make a gravesite in your yard and beautify it, plant a tree or make a perennial flower garden.
  • Hold a cat memorial service.
  • Purchase a special urn for your cat’s ashes, turn ashes into art or jewelry.
  • Immortalize your loved one in writings, poetry, journals, lyrics, music or stories.
  • Post about your pet loss on social media, start a website.

Pet Memorial--Remembering Your Cat

Create a virtual memorial at as a tribute to your much-loved kitty on a free webpage dedicated to your cat only. 

Some things you might include are photos, poetry, stories, an epitaph, pedigree (pet ancestry) and other memories or reflections.  

Make it beautiful.

If you wish to add videos, slideshows, audio recordings, sound bites, or HTML coding for special web effects, include a note along with links and coding within your submission.  

All submissions are reviewed before posting for appropriate content and formatting, so adding a personal touch to your pet memorial is easy.

Honor the memory of your beloved cat.  Create your virtual memorial here!  

Guests can light candles and leave their condolences.

YOUR Cat Loss Stories and Memories

Honor the memory of your beloved cat. Create your virtual memorial here!

Visitors Guest Book

Click below to see messages and condolences from other visitors and guests to this memorial...

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Click here to write your own.

In Loving Memory of
King of the Great Outdoors
June 23, 2016

What a twist your life took when you were tossed over the sound wall one freezing November night just before Thanksgiving Day 15 years ago, a kitten, starving, abandoned and homeless.  

For two weeks I wooed you with food and shelter, but you clung to your wild ways, until compassion melted away your fear and you began to trust.

Our budding friendship bloomed, and then you fell in love with me.  Your velvety paws, chinchilla fur, rumbling purrs and that special way you looked at me, like I was the most beautiful person in the world, made me fall in love with you.

God led you to us, because we were meant to be together.

You never failed to greet me when I came home, so happy we were.

You conquered the outdoors and with pride made yourself king.  Like Saint Patrick, you eradicated snakes from the land.   Though you ruled with arrogance and an iron fist, you won your subjects’ respect.

Dodgie, you were one of the great blessings in my life, so precious, so dear.

How brave you were when infirmities set in the last year of your life.  Though I did everything I could to help you, you wasted away before my eyes, until you slipped away and crossed over to eternal life.

You fought the good fight, courageous cat.  Your loyalty, faithful friendship and love I will always treasure.

Forever you will live on in my heart, my little kitty, until we are together again in that glorious paradise where you frolic free in God’s heavenly meadows.

Dodger is with Us Forever and Ever

Cat Memorial Items

Have you memorialized your cat at home?  Below are some items your can add to make your pet memorial very special.

My heartfelt condolences to all who have suffered pet loss . . . I've been there and know what you are going through and how deeply it hurts.

Kindest regards,

Cat McMahon

Cat McMahon

P.S.  If someone you know is grieving from cat loss, please share this page with them; it might help them to a place of healing. Thank you! 

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