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Six Months of Wonderful

by Beatrice Brusic
(New York)

Beatrice Brusic

“Jolie was a very special purebred Persian cat who was cruelly abandoned because she was sick. Quite by chance she came into my life and picked me as her next owner. From the first moment I saw her I adored her and only hoped I did right by her. She was the most exquisite creature I ever had the privilege of sheltering, not owning, because she stole my heart and remains there till we meet again.

Ever since I can remember I've loved animals. They have been my best friends. I've found in them a purity and nobility I have yet to find in humans, so it was inevitable I should write about my animals, bring them back to life, honor them in death as I did in life. Everyone should own animals, everyone should discover them. The world would be a happier place if we each had the sensitivity and ability to recognize their great contribution to society.”

Six Months of Wonderful “is the true story of this wonderful Persian cat that stole my heart . . . and this is explained in detail in my book which is also a tribute to her. I hope you get to read it and fall in love with her as I did. She is, and remains, unforgettable in my life.”
--Beatrice Brusic

About the Guest Author

“Beatrice Brusic was born in Oruro, Bolivia. In search of a better life, her mother moved to La Paz, Bolivia when Beatrice was only five years old. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Beatrice immigrated to America when she was seventeen years old, and has earned her living as a legal assistant.

Always a voracious reader, she finally made the transition from reader to writer five years ago when a memoir first began to take root. Throughout the years she's received positive reinforcement of her passion for writing in her numerous attempts to express herself, but it took a great writer like Frank McCourt to finally break through her inhibitions.”
--Amazon Author Central

Visit Beatrice at her author website, and at her blog,

Her books, Six Months of Wonderful: A bittersweet tale of a magic creature, Jill and Mickey: A Charming Memoir of Love, Discovery and Two Magnificent Birds, A Different Journey: Raising a Child with Down Syndrome, Beyond the Snows of the Andes, The Dark Path of Julie E.: A Novel, Sixty is definitely not the New Forty, and A Plunge into Hell: A story of love, loss and the ultimate betrayal can be found at

You can find Beatrice on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads.

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