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Taffy's Path To A Forever Home

by Mary Eloise Trosper
(Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

Several years ago, our beautiful cat, Taffy, was born. Someone in the community saw fit to have her spayed. However, they also had her declawed. Not only was this cruel, it put her life at risk should she ever be put outside. Maybe they didn't anticipate the possibility of this happening? We don't know.

I was at work one day, and received an email from a coworker. She said that her sister, Betty, who was advancing in age with failing health, could no longer care properly for her beloved cat, Taffy. Betty had adopted her, naming her Taffy, because of her coloring. Betty loved Taffy dearly, and was praying that she could find a loving home for her. I didn't want to see this gorgeous cat with no claws, unable to defend herself, to be thrown into a shelter. My sister and I jumped to Taffy's rescue!

Now, Taffy has a loving, forever home! Since we have many cats in our home, we are always on the lookout for any aggression from our other cats, in order to protect her. Taffy is our little Princess, whom we treat as royalty. Not only were we blessed with a beautiful cat, but our actions warmed an aging woman's heart, putting her fears at rest. There's no greater feeling!

About the Guest Author

Mary Eloise Trosper

Mary Eloise Tropser is an insurance professional and a person of many passions. A champion for civil rights, she believes in tolerance for all.

Since she makes her home near the Great Lakes region, it’s no wonder she’s an avid Detroit Red Wings fan.

Best of all, she loves animals . . . especially cats!

You can find Mary on Twitter.

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Dec 01, 2015
Thank you
by: Everycat

Thank you for taking in Taffy and giving her a loving home.

Declawed cats rarely get out of shelters alive and it's heart warming to learn of one little cat who avoided that horror and now lives safely and loved.

Nov 25, 2014
Making "Life" Count
by: Cat McMahon

Dear Mary,

You're pretty special, and so is Taffy.

Thank you for sharing your deeply touching story. I applaud your "Pawsitive Catitude" for giving Taffy a forever home and helping her previous owner, Betty. This is what is all about . . . making the world a better place, one person, and one cat at a time. I’m so glad you are part of it!

As always,

Cat McMahon

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