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We Rescue Cats from Dying in Fires

by Paul Kent Graeve
(Birmingham, AL)

Buddy Rescue by VineLight

Buddy Rescue by VineLight

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of pets die every year in fires, simply because the smoke kills them long before help arrives. With our Buddy Rescue App, Smart Technologies and your support this tragedy never needs to happen again! Please support our efforts to save cats, and all pets, from dying in fires. You can support us by tweeting about us @BuddyRescue_VL, by liking us on FaceBook, by sharing one of our FaceBook posts and best of all, by supporting our Kickstarter.

With your support we can launch our Buddy Rescue Technology and save hundreds of thousands of pets from dying in house fires. It's tragic enough when you lose your home and possessions to a fire, you shouldn't have to lose your #furchild too! Please help us put an end to cats dying in fires!

We're doing far more than just saving pets from house fires. Our Smart Technologies can be implemented in every shelter, humane society and boarding facility. Sadly, they have fires too, and hundreds of pets are trapped inside when one occurs. Our smart technologies will automatically release the pets from their kennels and the required doors to lead the pets outside to an open area and into safety.

We have a complete vision, and the technologies, to create a world where no pet has to die in a fire ever again! All we need is your support.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and ideas for how we can get the word out about Buddy Rescue!
Help us...

Paul Kent Graeve
Buddy Rescue by VineLight
(480) 280-6553

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