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Get Lost in Cat Stories!

Grab your favorite feline and curl up in a comfortable chair for a long while.   There's a long list of cat characters in movies, plays, legends, myths, fiction, non-fiction, ancient history and superstition.

Make the place you come to fulfill your feline fancy with True Tall Tales and Kitty Yarns, Cat Books--Cats, Cats and More Cats, or take sneak a peak at Abby's secret cat diary

There's a Cat Waiting for You!

It takes someone special to rescue or adopt a cat and to make the world a better place.  You're visiting; that makes YOU pretty special!

Find the cat care and cat behavior information you need to know about to keep all your feline friends healthy and happy.

Become Part of "Cat's Stories"! is designed so you can participate.  

Share your cat stories, photos and videos, your cat care tips, informational articles, discoveries and your favorite feline fun;  you might tell about what you and your kitty enjoy or review your favorite cat gear and products.  

Visitors to love photos and stories about cat antics, kitty drama and how your feline found a forever home with your loving family.

You'll find submission invitations and comment sections at the bottom of each webpage throughout this website.  You can always contact me with your ideas.

What Cat Stories Will Satisfy Your Curiosity?

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Visitors to love sharing about cats, and pictures paint a priceless story!  Share the joy and post photos of your well-loved kitty.

Enjoy the Amazing World of Cats!

Take time to stop and spend quality time with your special cat; do the things it loves best with you, the things you keep putting off and brushing aside.

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Capture those special moments and keep the memories alive.

Do you need help planning your next vacation with your kitty or figuring out what to pack for your traveling cat? You'll find an ever growing list of cat travel articles, tips and information for a successful journey.

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Get all the latest cat news, stay current about cat events, or check out the virtual world of cat technology.

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    If you love cats, then you must have at least one cat tote bag for your next shopping trip!

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    Nov 08, 16 03:56 PM

    Once upon a kitty night clear, “mouse vs cat” happened. Some might say it should be turned around, “cat vs mouse”, but that’s not how things wound up.

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My Jawless Cat 
Up until I was 15, we had a cat called Boots. Neurotic as they come, she was a proper black witch’s cat, but she went through a lot in her 16 years of …

Mittens--A Musical Medical Cat 
First off, let me say this is a totally true story. Our cat plays the guitar and detects cancer. Every night, I play the guitar in my easy chair. …

From Monet to Monette: the Art of being a Globetrotting Cat 
Monette the cat may be blissfully unaware but, for her Anglo-French owners, a visit to a wonderful new art exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, Painting …

Taffy's Path To A Forever Home 
Several years ago, our beautiful cat, Taffy, was born. Someone in the community saw fit to have her spayed. However, they also had her declawed. Not only …

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